The three most pressing needs for folks reentering society are housing, food, and transportation. The links at the top of this page go to pages with information about those resources in our communities. Lower on the page are links to pages with information about additional resources like those for employment, job training, and health.


Finding affordable housing can be challenging in this area, but most of our communities have housing or provide information about available housing.


Finding food on a budget can be difficult, but many of our communities have food banks and other assistance.


Getting around for a job, health care, or other reasons is difficult when funds are low. A few of our communities have a public bus and others may provide transportation in special cases.


A job is essential to provide income for life’s needs, like housing and food. There are good resources available to help with job hunting, resume-writing, and other related skills.


Health care is important, especially for folks who have some sort of chronic condition. There are a few free clinics and other sorts of help available in Cochise County communities.


People reentering can get some legal help with civil rights restoration, identification cards, and social security in several different communities around Cochise County.


It may be best to get some sort of training and then seek a job in that field. There are training opportunities available around Cochise County.

Thrift Stores

Several thrift stores in our communities provide clothing and household items at a very reasonable cost.


The CCReentry Coalition is proud to partner with several religious and secular partners. These partners provides services that the Coalition could not provide alone.